A downloadable game for Windows


Development started on: -July 2019.

Description: -It is the year 2088. A variety of human mistakes have rendered some parts of the planet inhospitable to most lifeforms, while some walled megacities thrive blissfully unaware.

But in the heart of the madness, THE OFFROAD RACES RAGE ON. These lunatics just keep on competing in the ruins of the past. Is there more to this world than just sand beneath the wheels? Maybe.

v1.1 OUT NOW!

this version of the game has:

-1 track

-2 cars

-3 times of day

-and i made it all 4 u. :)


Offroad2088Standalone.zip 86 MB


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Hey there, thanks for making this fun game! It was a great time, I loved every minute of the struggle for first place. I even made a video of it, I thought I would link it here if anyone wants to see some of the game play. Oh and the other videos on this feed are pretty good as well so go watch their stuff too!

Very fun game but very challenging to get 1st place.

With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!